Trump? Yes I’m afraid so…

I thought I knew a little bit about America. I thought it was a champion of freedom and all things good, of sorts. You know – Mr Nice Guy extraordinaire. The sort who’d go around to a neighbour’s home if he thought something’s not right, and fix it – even though it’s not his home. Someone who cares about his neighbour basically.

Maybe the America I thought I knew is really only a veneer that is projected onto a screen through some very friendly lenses. Maybe its is those Hollywood lenses. Or CNN/NY Times variety. Or even the Tim Keller variety. You know, rose tinted benign ones. Certainly where leadership is concerned.

I think I really do not know America, at all. Or really very little – too little – about it. If I knew a modicum more of what America really is, surely I’d seen Trump’s triumph with less shock and horror.

They now call him the presumptive nominee of the Republicans. The GOP now has a Grand Odd Pot as its representative in the November shoot-out to earn the right to be the leader of the world’s sole democratic superpower.

Some conservatives have predicted this for a while now. Welcome him even. Sure, we want small governments with small taxes who protect individual liberties and a nation’s sovereignty and the GOP generally believe that, but Trump? Really? Thankfully we logged off Foxtel middle last year and no longer watch CNN, FOX and other American news channels. I really do not need to see a Donald Trump  v Hillary Clinton presidential election.