Friday with Jason and Mel

A new restaurant in our neighbourhood opened for business last week and so last Friday night Tress and I decided to check it out. Earlier that day our friends Jason and Mel messaged us to say they were catching a movie that night in our area and asked if we wanted to have dinner. We told them our plans and so we had dinner together.

We chatted as usual about work and other matters – just catching up. We talked about church too and Jason came across as not really interested.

They’ve left ICC for nearly 3 years now, and the effect of what happened is still real and the harm remains. The once caring, dynamic, inspirational and energetic leaders have turned away, and are still uninterested in being part of a faith community. I told Tress my observation and I said to her I was affected by that. Their reticence to re-engage has persisted notwithstanding the passage of time and I wonder if more time is needed, or is an alternative church the answer.

I suspect getting to the root of the matter is what will really resolve the matter. But that requires long and possibly painful conversations, which I’m not sure parties involved are willing to get into. Least of all Jason himself. Mel I’m not so sure but she was a bit twitchy on Friday night too, and hopefully that was entirely due to the very spicy and a touch unpleasant dinner in that restaurant with obvious teething issues.

So I dropped Jason a short note this morning, saying I would be praying for him again.

Saturday with Micah et al

After a good brekky made by Tress and a quick vacuum clean around the house, we went to Madam K’s picked up some “kueh”s and headed to Maribyrnong for little Micah’s first birthday party.

We caught up with his parents, Ruth and Jonathan, 6 chek/6 chim, and a few others as we spent the arvo with little Micah. He’s an adorable kid – feisty, curious and independent.

We left just before 4pm, got to Forest Hill Chase for Tress’s quick optometry visit and then headed home to walk the little fellow on a beautifully sunny late arvo.

Video and Wok Sunday

On Sunday after church we headed to Madam K again but we were met with a big crowd so we couldn’t get a table. So we made our way to the Shangrila Inn and after lunch, we got some grocery and after walking the little fellow, Tress got to work making a short video clip. Her Convent Klang class of 1983 is celebrating a collective 50th and she was asked to send a video greeting. After 3 takes she was happy and so sent off the clip to the organiser.

I did some cooking for the week’s lunches and dinners as Tress continued to work on our visas for the June holiday, and then on to doing some ironing.

The work was all done by 6pm and we then settled down to have some fruits, watch TV to catch the start of the new MasterChef season, before ending the weekend.