Kendall and Kingdom

About a month ago I had an early conversation with a colleague, whose son was having some medical issues. I remember making an entry about this colleague’s journey.

A few minutes ago he stuck his head into my office and said to me that his boy has cancer.

I didn’t know what to say to him. I asked him a couple of questions but it’s obvious he’s very affected so he said it’s all still early days in terms of investigations, and that he’s heading home for the afternoon and will take some time off over the next few days.

I had been praying for Kendall’s son Liam but had not done so these past few days. Chances are my awful neglect these past few days had little to do with the confirmation of diagnosis but I still feel awful. As a man – a person – you want to do whatever little you can to help someone in that situation and when you fail to, that neglect frustrates you.

I’m now on the tail end of the gospels – John 13 was where I stopped this morning.

Jesus had such profound impact on the lives of people around him. Many had illnesses and other infirmities healed. Others were freed of oppressions from the evil one. Many had adverse impacts simply by having their world views and stations in life, challenged – rocking priorities, life values and goals and vocations.

When I stand on the right hand section/column of the hall in St Alf’s on Sundays and utter the Lord’s Prayer, I often wonder what it meant for me to say “Your Kingdom come and your will be done on earth“.

As Kendall turned to head back to his desk, I said I would keep praying. I wonder if that meant anything to him and how that made him feel. I wonder how God’s Kingdom can come on Kendall and his boy Liam as they journey ahead on this perilous path.