From across the Tasman (and across Melbourne…)

We had Hui Wan my cousin, visit us last night. She’s here on a business trip and we caught up after work, had dinner and she stayed over in our home before coming out with us early this morning.

Hui Wan is the youngest child and only daughter of I Meng, my late father’s younger brother. He’s probably 75 years old this year. He and his wife are both still living in Klang, as is Thean Lim, his eldest child. Thean Lim is married to Soo Chin and they have 3 children. Thean Seng (Alex) is the middle child who recently married a Sarawakian lady. Alex and his new wife live in Singapore.

As Tress droppped me off at work this morning, Hui Wan moved from the back seat in the car to come and sit on the front passenger seat. As we approached each other to say goodbye, she stretched out her hand for a handshake. I looked at her and say no, and gave her a hug instead.

Later this morning Chris, Hui Wan’s partner, will arrive in Melbourne. He has been in Singapore, where his father passed away a couple of weeks ago. Hui Wan and Chris will spend a couple of days in Melbourne before they both return to Auckland on Friday night.

As we chatted over dinner at Persian Flavours on Springvale Road last night, I am again reminded about how life is often about the simplest and seemingly mundane things in life. We talked about work, where we lived, our pets, people we live with or spend time with, our church… the little things which make life what it is.

We told her about our plans to spend Saturday with Ruth, another cousin of ours. Ruth lives in Maribyrnong and works with Western Health as a doctor. She and Jonathan her husband will no doubt be excited and busy for the next couple of days as they plan the first birthday party of little Micah, their son. We are looking forward to seeing them again, together with Uncle Stephen and Auntie Paddy. Uncle Stephen is 6 chek, younger than I Meng, who is 3 chek.

In the car this morning, Hui Wan said Melbourne is beautiful. We couldn’t agree more. It sounds like she would like to eventually move to Melbourne, which would be wonderful. Having more family so near would be great.