Ngambri Weekend

We were in Canberra for the Anzac Day long weekend.

When we left Melbourne on Saturday morning to head up north, it was 4 months almost to the day, when I left Canberra last Christmas Eve. Kiddo, Mic and I had had lunch in a Japanese restaurant in Dickson on that day after my last day at the NBA, after which I left Canberra for the last time as someone who lived and worked there.

We arrived in the Capital City just after 4pm, walked LBJ for a bit, and then waited at the B&B place in Aranda. Judy the owner had also just come home when we arrived and I chatted with her for a few minutes. LBJ seemed to remember the place well and made a beeline to the garden area as soon as we arrived.

Later, just before 7pm, Kiddo and Mic rocked up and we went to a Vietnamese place in Belconnen known as Can Tho, for dinner. After dinner we went back to Aranda and played cards for a bit, chatted then made plans for the next day.

On Sunday we slept in, walked the little fellow, then went to Macquarie just behind Jamison Centre, and had a yum cha lunch. It was good talking again with Kiddo and Mic and after lunch we walked towards the Jamison Centre car park where there was a trash and treasure market. We then returned to the B&B, talked some more and then headed to the Cupping Room in the city for coffee. While there we decided to go for a movie.

So we headed to the Palace in Nishi, and caught the wonderful Jungle Book. It was a very good remake and all of us thoroughly enjoyed it.

After the movie we headed back to Aranda and played cards some more as well as talked some more.

On Monday we slept in again, then met up in Belconnen again, this time at a cafe known as Chatter Box. We had a sumptuous brunch and then said our goodbyes and left Canberra around 11.30am. We got home just after 6.

On the Friday night before we left for Canberra, Tress and I had both felt tired after another full week’s work and I said to her a part of me felt like staying in Melbourne for the long weekend, just to rest. Yet we both felt we wanted to make the trip to spend time with Kiddo as we had planned an overseas trip the next time a long weekend comes around (in June) and so would not see Kiddo for several months if we didn’t see her this long weekend. So, short as the trip was and tired as we felt, we pushed on and it was a wonderful decision as the time spent with Kiddo (and Mic) felt good.

On the way back yesterday Tress said it was a very good weekend. I agreed. It was quite relaxing, and we got to spend time with both Kiddo and Mic and talked for a bit. It was just wonderful to be together like that again. The long drives on the Hume was well worth it.