City Skyline – Home…

I used to leave work just before 4pm on Fridays, and would make that drive from Canberra to Melbourne. I’d feel a kind of relief and happiness when I see the Melbourne city skyline some 6-7 hours later. Somehow, that silhouette of city skyscrapers always evoked a sense of homecoming which warmed my heart.

So when Tress and I walked around the St Kilda breakwater on Saturday morning, the beautiful city skyline in the horizon hogged my attention.

We had gone to Caulfield to check out the area to scratch an itch we had about moving nearer to our work. The streets we looked at weren’t so exciting and we quickly made our way to the Esplanade area in in St Kilda and just walked on the pier and breakwater, noting it wasn’t exactly an opportune time to catch some penguins. The day was turning out to be warmer than we thought it would be, so we just whiled away the time there.

It was exciting earlier in the morning. I had gone to see Simon for a hairy and after that we went to the Flight Centre at FHC and bought a couple of tickets for a mid-year holiday. Jack Lord country beckons, after we said to Leigh at FC FHC: “Book ’em” – you have to be clued in on the phrase “Book ’em“, which was a tagline in that very iconic TV show when I was growing up. Jack Lord’s Steve McGarrett would habitually say “Book ’em Danno” at the end, when he and his crack Five-O team would invariably nail the baddies.

Tress celebrating her Five-O in Five-O country. Neat.

We left St Kilda after 1pm, and got back to see Rose for lunch at her joint. I had dreamt about having chee cheong fun during breaky earlier that morning and so when I saw Rose had a curry chee cheong fun with yong taufoo as a special, I jumped on it. Tress had a hearty fish head curry and after that very good lunch, we went and walked in FHC before going back to walk the little fellow.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day – a typically spectacular autumn’s day in Melbourne, with clear blue skies and cool easy wind. We walked LBJ after my repeat curry CCF indulgence and caught a local soccer game before coming home to make the week’s soup dinners.

Last night as we lazed on the couch watching TV and I sensed a cold coming on, I felt warmly happy on the inside. Tress was next to me, LBJ was on my lap and I was scratching his chin. I was home. I’m home. The city skyline is only a 30 minutes away now, not 7 hours.Skyline