Not long after I finished my reading this morning, I noticed a nose bleed. The left nostril was oozing and dripping rapidly and I really cannot remember the last time this happened to me. It was another cool morning but not at all cold in any confronting degree.

I guess being in very unfamiliar territory creates stress. I cannot remember the last time a conundrum confronts and contorts so confusingly.

The world I live in now twists and turns in Teutonic terms.

Spend to care, nary a thought for resource scarcity.

Demand open doors, neutralise the good by importing what would  be incapable of creating or maintaining the good which attracts in the first place.

Gender dysphoria is not a condition to be treated. Surgical solution is to be preferred.

Tear down and rebuild. Fill the spaces with built environment so more can come and tear down even more. Tear down trees and fill spaces.

Conjugal marriages denormalised, to be replaced with genderless partnerships and import glued on parts to create families. Conjugal marriages to produce offsprings is a model to be sneered at or better yet – to be confined to bins of history.

And more.

I have been confused. I no longer know what to think, expect or measure. Changes come, from everywhere and all the time. Accepted norms – regardless of inherent reasoning, coherence and logic – are constantly reviewed, revised and reframed and not necessarily for the sake of progress. Change because that is what the world today expects, not because what is has become bad or the new is better.

Yet, some – many – changes are for the better.

Men no longer treat women badly. Children are respected. Knowledge, science and learning have all taken huge leaps at accelerated paces.

I don’t always or readily recognise what change is for the better and what change is simply a discarding of the old.

I stemmed the nose bleed relatively quickly. I’m not sure I know how to deal with the other thing.