Palm Sunday weekend

As we were driving in to work this morning, I said to Tress I slept really well last night. She said she did too. Maybe it was the afternoon spent outdoors, working on peripheral stuff around the house under a beautiful blue sky that glowed all the more after a few days’ rain and cold winds.

At lunch at Madam K’s earlier, we bumped into Jason and Mel and so stayed at the little eatery a bit longer than we usually did. It was good chatting as always. We got home just before 1pm and went straight outside after a change of clothes. I thought the ground would have softened after the rain and so decided to dig along the edges of the front lawn to put some edging screens in, to keep the soil and mulch in as much as possible. I sometimes think the the pavements in front of our house look messier than our neighbours’ because soil and other ground covers were constantly spilling down the slightly sloped ground.

Tress got busy with loads of weeding and pulling out dead wood as I worked on the edgings and the little black jedi was wandering through our neighbours’ front gardens but we stayed outdoor all afternoon. I continued with the side lawn edgings, swept the front, trimmed some hedges on Sharon’s side of the fence and also applied some weed killers behind the shed – the overgrown stuff that had bothered Tress for a while now.

Tress had meanwhile moved indoors and did a load of ironing while watching the Grand Prix on tv. I finished up, had a shower and a beer, and watched the race for a bit before fixing breakfast and lunch for the next day and then joined Tress who had gone out to take LBJ for a walk through around the oval.

Work made sleep easy. Sleep is easy when you’ve worked hard. But now we feel we don’t have enough sleep – maybe its the long commute requiring an early start. Tress works incredibly hard during the week. On Friday as we were driving home after a long week, she asked me how to hotspot her phone for her to connect the laptop to the internet. She then worked on some spreadsheet and sent it off to someone. My mind was already on my couch with a glass of red in my hand…

On Saturday morning we had a lazy breakfast at home, then drove to Deepdene to see my dentist. It’s incredible how much dental work costs. I’d never be able to get all the recommended work done – it’d set me back more than a year’s living costs!

On Palm Sunday in church the next day, Ross, Nicole and the team put on a really good “all age” service. The triumphant entry into Jerusalem was the main text/story and they cleverly weaved that into a message of who we think Jesus is and how that squares up with what He did and the sort of Kingdom He came to realize. Very NT Wright sort of message, and what an effective way to deliver that to all ages.

Maybe it’s the hard work in the gardens later that arvo, maybe it was the peace that came with having received that Palm Sunday message, maybe it was simply being part of everyday life…I slept really well last night…