Still Safe?

I first came across the Safe Schools Coalition several weeks ago. I went into their website one day during lunch hour. While I must say I learned a lot reading some of the material on that site, I wasn’t sure I’d leave those matters in the hands of schools, if I was a parent to school going children.

I’m glad my child is now an adult. I need not be apprehensive about having my child taught sexuality on terms set out in the Safe Schools website. I have however, so many friends and relatives who still have (or would have) school going children, who would be subject to the those matters.

So I started sharing stuff on social media, and wondered how parents felt. This weekend I started to get an idea of how others thought and felt.

Last Thursday night at the church small group meeting at the Maury’s home, someone suggested the material per se wasn’t problematic but left in the hands of teachers who do not subscribe to Biblical teachings and who like to think of themselves as progressives, it could easily be used to teach sexuality in terms that would be highly uncomfortable to me. Someone remarked that is probably how someone who is not a Christian, would feel about religious education. To someone like me who still think there is a right and wrong – based not on my own standards but on the Bible’s – that is not a bad thing. I believe Christian education is good for mankind. I believe teaching sexuality on terms set out in the Safe School coalition site would not be good for mankind. So there…

Friday night we caught up with the Hipos and Chews at the newish Peppers on Fire restaurant on Mahoney’s Road. We thought it was new as I only noticed it last week but Jesslyn told us it had been opened for several months now. We had some very good Sri Lankan food there and talked, touching briefly on the Safe Schools matter.

At church yesterday, Mike McNamara said Lyle Shelton of the Australian Christian Lobby will be on Q&A tonight and asked for prayers for Lyle (boy is he going to need them). Mike also mentioned Safe Schools and thought Lyle would no doubt touch on that tonight.

Finally yesterday arvo after church Tress and I went and visited Carrie and Jonathan in their new home in Mulgrave, only a stone’s throw from Waverley Park/Hawthorn HQ. There we also met Joshua and Lu Fong and again we also touched on Safe Schools – we talked more because between those 2 couples they’ve 5 school going children. They all said they were not at all comfortable with what Safe Schools was doing.

Yesterday and this morning John Howard was reported to have voiced his concerns over Safe Schools. I’m glad that got a lot of airwaves and column inches. Malcolm Turnbull would not have provided that sort of voice and Abbott was always going to be lost in the messaging, not because he was incompetent or incapable but the bias and hatred against him is so ingrained in so many levels of community that his voice would always be drowned by howls of hatred against what in many minds, he represents.

And so it was a good weekend – many catch ups with friends and getting comfort that many still care and want to voice their concerns over things I care about.

Today Kiddo and Mic come down from Canberra to spend a week with Tress and I. I look forward to seeing them again, and to talk, eat and spend time with them.