Different sort of waiting

The drive in this morning took a lot longer – just over an hour, which is about 20-25 minutes longer than it has taken us so far in this experimental period. While in our heads driving in to work remains an experiment, I suspect it would be pretty much the settled mode of commuting to work. When I refuelled last night, the bill came up to $30. It was a very cheap $15 per week per person for us to drive in to work. The parking is probably the clincher, with both Tress and I having parking space available, for no extra charge. The peak hour traffic – while it can be bad (like this morning) – is blunted by 3AW. The always entertaining Ross & John makes the morning drive lighter and Tom Elliot makes the drive home a little more thought provoking.

We got home last Friday a little than usual, as we stopped somewhere to get me a new shaver. We were at The Glen, a shopping centre we haven’t been to for a long time. We then got home, and settled down to finish the week by watching the tennis. Murray took 5 sets to defeat a player Ross & John described as someone who looks like he has been put together by a bunch of engineers. Milos Raonic is a tall, angular, often expressionless and very efficient up and coming player. He had beaten Federer in an earlier tournament in Brisbane so was a bit of a “to watch” player. We didn’t watch till the end, as the vino had put me into Snoreville…

On Saturday I woke far too early and so I read. “Girl on a train” was a page turner but I had to put it down to get a bit more shut eye before the weekend starts. That morning I the little furry ball a bath and he who was very affectionate. He protested being blow dried by repeatedly burrowing his head into my chest, and each time looking up to give me a big lick on my nose. Tress washed the sheets/laundry and later we went to Madam Kwong’s for lunch and then got some groceries. I wanted to start making soups for freezing again. We then went home and started watching “Making a Murderer” – another feather in Netflix’s cap. We had dinner reservations at 6.30 somewhere in Hawthorn and had to tear ourselves from that very engrossing series, to make dinner.

Dinner was at “Once a Tailor” on Glenferrie Road. After dinner we went back to watch more tennis before hitting the sack.

The next morning after talking it over with Tress we decided to continue supporting a young couple from St Alf’s who are doing good work in Thailand. At church, leaders got “commissioned” and Tress and I continued discussing how to serve through St Alf’s, in 2016 (and beyond). I had wanted to do something to serve at or via St Alf’s for a while now but the Canberra detour in 2015 put paid to those thoughts and aspirations. God’s grace in day-to-day matters has been so evident I feel it wrong to not revisit those thoughts and aspirations once that grace has allowed me to settle back into Melbourne.

The waiting on Him theme needs to likewise, be revisited albeit in a different context.

“StaKs (St Alfred’s Kids)”? Something else?

Last night, we watched more of “Making a Murderer” but I hope weekends ahead wont be made up of just this armchair sleuth stuff. God’s grace requires a service response. I hope He shows Tress and I soon, what this is to look like.