Au revoir Canberra

It’s just over 9am and I’m writing this at desk 37, on the 2nd floor of the building on 243 Northbourne Avenue, in the suburb of Lyneham. It will be the last day I’ll be seated at this desk. In fact I’ll likely leave by noon. Kiddo and I have teed up lunch. Then, I exit this very large roundabout, and head back to Melbourne. I can be with Tress again, in that house on Vicki Street.

It has been 7 months and 6 days.

I now know – a little better – what Canberra is like. I know enough to be comforted and assured, that should Kiddo choose to put her tent pegs in in this city, it would be alright. She could -would -have a wonderful life here, if she shall so choose.

This is a quaint city but filled with intelligent – very intelligent – people. She’s also in a good church with very good teaching and she has her own community with whom she can experience godly lives together. If – when – she lands that job, life would surely settle for her.

It has taken 7 months and 6 days on this very large roundabout for me to come to this assurance so I’m looking forward to resuming my life in Melbourne. God has been wonderfully providing in recent weeks – from the job in Redflex down to us finding a set of lost apartment keys a week out before my leaving Canberra, so Kiddo’s new roommate will have a proper set of keys.

Au revoir National Blood Authority. Au revoir Watson Street. Au revoir Canberra.