Year drawing to an end

Late on Thurs/Friday arvo Kiddo and I took LBJ for a walk. We were both excited at our own and each other’s prospects – she with her PhB secured and me with the new role to look forward to. It was a corner turning week for us.

I had a terrible back pain on Saturday morning. It was the second debilitating back problem since I started my Canberra role. It is almost as if my Canberra chapter is book ended by back pains.

So I stayed in the apartment, moaning and groaning as I struggled to make breakfast late in the morning. I wasn’t hungry but needed to eat something in order to then take some ibuprofen. By about early in the afternoon I could move more freely and so had a shower and did my laundry. After that it was just a series of attempts to limber up as I ambulated between the couch and the bedroom, making dozens of trips in order to “keep moving”, which is apparently better than bed rest.

That night Kiddo cooked a steak dinner and we talked to Tress on video conferencing. Later we all watched a movie on Netflix. “Naked amongst wolves” was a story about the last days of a Nazi concentration camp. As is the case with movies of this genre, tales of evil regime, depravity are interspersed with demonstration of individual triumphs of courage and humanity. It is a fallen world indeed but the Lord has commenced the work of redemption and will complete it , one day.

On Sunday morning the back pain  was better but stiffness still reigned and it was still very sore. With the help of a couple of ibuprofen pills however I managed to get to Good Shepherd Anglican at Curtin. At the end of the service the musos were signing “Mary did you know”

Back at the apartment after church,   I searched out the Pentatonix rendition on youtube and played it on our tele. It was great and Kiddo was hooked too and we created a playlist of that group’s Christmas carols. Putting away the laundry and ironing was much less painful with that kind of music playing. After that Kiddo went out and I just hung around and tried to do light activities to ease the back strain.

I ended the weekend early and went to bed before 10pm. It would be the last weekend before a flurry of activities leading up to Christmas and 2016. The year is accelerating towards its end, and ironically I’m kind of wanting it to slow down so I can remember what it felt like to have gone through the second half of 2015 in such uncharted territories…