I took a late flight out on Wednesday night to Melbourne to spend the next day there. A little bit after 7am the next morning, a Facebook messenger “ping” went off. It was the start of a memorable day.

Kiddo got the marks she needed to be awarded her PhB. I was very excited and happy for her. Still am… 

Later that morning I trekked into the city and met some people. Then I caught up for coffee with someone else and then headed for lunch at one of Tress and my favorite places, Nelayan. When Tress and I were sitting somewhere at Spencer Street however, I took a call which stunned the both of us.

The earlier meeting quickly developed into a role and I now get the chance to return to Melbourne on a long term basis.

As excited as we both were, I said to Tress what a trifecta it would be if Kiddo landed that job she is currently pursuing.

I got back to Canberra later the arvo but what a day it was. A day when the winds tacked and did so in a way which tells us God’s grace and mercy has allowed these developments. Grateful? You can’t begin to imagine.