Melbourne trail


Last Friday the office had lunch at “The Deck” at Regatta Point. It was the earliest office Christmas party I have ever been involved in – it wasn’t even December. Most of us were there from 12.30 and just before 3pm, I left, went home to pick up the little fellow, and made the drive to Melbourne. That early start allowed us to get into our Vicki Street home before 10pm, which was great.

On Saturday morning, the little fellow had his mobile groomer show up just before 8.30, and I headed to Simon’s for my haircut. Back at home later, I did some gardening while Tress vacuumed the house. I had also planned to wash the car but by the time I was ready to do that a small crowd had gathered at the lawn 2 houses down the street. The auction was scheduled for 1pm. I didn’t think letting the suds and water flow down the driveway would be a good idea with that crowd, so I cleaned up and then stood around to watch the auction. It was sold for $932,000 which is a lot of money for an un-renovated 4 bed roomer so I guess talk of a cooling Melbourne property market is still a touch premature.

When the crowd cleared Tress and I left for Madam Kwong’s. Jean had sold the business and after lunch I said to Tress it may be the last time we ate there, as my next trip back was to be on Christmas eve. She would be shut by then and when it reopens the new owners would have well and truly taken over. We’d miss eating there – we’ve been coming to this place regularly (every single weekend) for almost 5 years now.

After some grocery shopping we went home and got ready for a 50th birthday party. My ex-boss (Stuart) had his birthday earlier in the year but decided to have his 50th bash that night. It was at his home in Hawthorn East. He’s a wonderful human being and working for such a decent person had been a wonderful privilege. Tress and I had planned to not stay so long but the conversations, drinks, and food was too good to leave early and to top it off, the couple of speeches (including my ex-boss’) were terrific. We got home just before midnight.

On Sunday just before church started I got a missed call and voicemail from Andrew confirming the Monday appointment can proceed. My back was strained anyway from the work on Saturday and I wasn’t prepared for the drive back on Sunday so having that meeting confirmed was very good.

David Ratten from the One Community Church preached – it was the annual 3-way pulpit swap together with New Hope Baptist. It’s the first of the series titled “The King” and the text was from Psalm 51.The background of David’s fall on account of his encounter with Bathsheba provided hope of justice, hope and renewal.

After church we stopped by Madam K’s just to pick up a couple of takeaways – we were to meet Gerry and Jason and their families for lunch in Glen Waverley. Tress and I had not been in GW for a long time and to meet with old friends for lunch there was very nice. The food (Dainty Sichuan) was very good, albeit spicy and oily and pricey and the company made it all a very lovely afternoon. After lunch Jason and Mel had coffee at The Glen, and we joined them – again a very nostalgic experience, having not visited The Glen for many years.

It was very good catching up with Jason and Mel again, particularly hearing they were at an early service at the Bridge church in Doncaster. They’re often out having coffee on Sunday arvos as their kids would be home with their friends and their home would be colonised… Tress and I said to them they probably need to renovate to create their own space but as usual, long term capital type investments on account of kids’ activities can be high risk as the purpose would have disappeared in a few short years – they’d move on and the parents would be left with excess capacities and then the circle moves on to downsizing…

We went home late arvo and I felt wonderful for having had a full weekend in Melbourne – the first since I left in May. My mind was however preoccupied with the appointment I had on Monday morning. I prepared for it a little bit.

The appointment went positively and I’m hopeful it would provide me with the way back to Melbourne again – to live and work there and be with Tress, St Alf’s and old friends on a regular basis. If that happens I can only wish Kiddo returns and finds her life in Melbourne too. That would be the absolute icing on this cake that I hope is just beginning to cook…