Misso’s and Mondayitis (of a different sort)

I started my drive yesterday an hour later than usual as we were at a discussion forum about faith and work, after church at St Alf’s.

Throughout my drive the step ladder was rattling in the boot. A couple of bulbs in the apartment had blown out – Kiddo’s room went out many weeks ago and 2-3 weeks ago the one in the kitchen went. We have been relying on the dining area lighting when we used the kitchen. I haven’t been able to fix them because there was nothing in the apartment for me to step on. I couldn’t believe between Kiddo and I we couldn’t get our hands on a loan ladder or even a steady chair for that task – I needed to cart that little ladder all the way from Melbourne, which is a bit stupid but what can I do. I know so few people in this town. Apparently no one Kiddo knows can lend us a ladder – or a chair for that matter.

Saturday was a normal sort – we had an early lunch at Madam Kwong’s and I spent the arvo doing gardening and washing the car.

Saturday night we were at Jason and Mel’s, together with Peter Misso and his wife Anne. We haven’t done these Saturday night things for a long time now. As before, it ended late – we only got home after midnight. It was good however, having conversations with these two couples as well as with Jonathan and Samantha (Jason and Mel’s children). It was particularly good listening to Peter and Anne talk about their early years of work in Australia, and how God provided for them when things were really difficult. I said to Peter it sounded a lot like George Muller’s stories so I asked him to consider writing a book. He and Anne were involved initially with a ministry called Teen Challenge, which didn’t end well. He has found other work however and continues to be positive and has consistently served well, giving his all.

Jason hasn’t recovered from the Lifegate episode. Mel was still tearing up so the hurt is still evident. I hope he continues to involve himself at Bridge church and respond to invitation to participate, in any form.

This morning I messaged Tress and said to her I was flummoxed. I wondered, was confused and a bit deflated. Maybe it’s just Mondayitis creeping in.