Cuz in Canberra and NFP again?

Jonathan and Ruth have been in town, with little Micah of course. On Monday night I went to see Jonathan who was at their old house in Mawson. They’re in town to try to fix the house and prep it for sale. Jonathan was busy pottering around when I dropped by and I didn’t want to take up too much of his precious work time so after a quick chat I left.

Last night I drove over to Garran, where they’re staying with a friend. Ruth and Micah were there while Jon plugged away in Mawson. Micah was asleep and he looked absolutely adorable, tucked under a blanket with a dummy in his mouth. He is nearing 6 months old now and I’d not seen him since his full moon. I said to Ruth he looked like 6 chek – something Tress told me before, and Ruth said many said the same thing.

I got back home, made my lunch, and spoke to Tress on the phone. Kiddo and Mic then came back and we sat and talked a little bit. Tress and I had been talking about Ruth, Jon and Micah as well as LBJ – but mainly we were talking about this organisation called Worldshare. The CEO and I had been talking and exchanging emails. I had responded to an ad for a Bequest Manager by way of an email inquiry, more so than an application. That was several weeks ago.

It turned out the CEO had in mind a part time role of only 1.5 days. I’m also not entirely certain I’ll do better at Christian NFP a second time around, for reasons I already described in a previous entry. So I had parked that aside, prayed about it and left it alone. The call from the CEO yesterday and his emails stirred and recalled that thread. He said he could expand the role to be at least 3 days and also would not mind making it full time for a while, until I find another part time role. I said to him in an email this morning that I’d still pray about it and in the mean time, I’d apply for other part time roles. If my application(s) land somewhere it’d be interesting development in terms of confirmation of some sort … maybe. Otherwise, this would remain parked I guess.

This waiting exercise has hosed me down into a calm wait-and-see person – more so than in the past – but it’s still keeping my thoughts occupied.