Dorothy Boyd was right

It’s the first day of the last quarter of the calendar year. The weather in the capital city is warming up and the days are longer with the sun lingering even after one leaves work for home. It feels better but I think there are other more important reasons for the overall feelgood sentiment.

Tress has been here for the past week and other than LBJ who appears happy and contented to have all of us together at the same time, I’m almost certain my emotional (and probably mental) health has improved substantially. I guess what this tells me is I need Tress to be around. This idea that I can be away from her for up to a fortnight, 700 km away in a different city, has never been a good one. I realised that – acutely – some weeks ago I guess.

So I have taken steps – albeit baby steps, for now – to check out prospects back in Melbourne. I need to be with “flesh of my flesh and bone of my bones”. Linked In and Seek web pages are now common visits for me again. I have also begun clicking on links from the website known as CMA Connect – a site which has lists of ministry related jobs. Whatever this role in Canberra may be doing to my professional vacuum or to my finances isn’t enough to justify being away from someone who does so much to make me feel more complete and at rest. I need to work but I need to find work where I can be with Tress.