Solitary work

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Often my work is collaborative. There are however, often long stretches of document review and thinking about issues which involves solitary work.

The screen and I. Starring Dell and Ian.

Quite often these long stretches can be whole day affairs. Like today. I’ve had quick corridor/printer chats with a handful of colleagues but for the most part I’ve been working on my own. Those chats aren’t even chats in any event. I have been alone for the most part of the day.

Just a few minutes ago I decided to go into the kitchen to make myself a coffee. I know it’s nearly 3pm and that coffee can be a mistake which may take me the whole night to make amends. My eyes are bleary however and I feel tired. The idea of coffee was extremely attractive.

I succumbed and I now have a very nice cup of coffee with me. But I’ll take a few more minutes before I return to my work, and write this.

While in the kitchen I had a few minutes chat with a couple of colleagues. Just talking to them made me feel a whole lot better. God really knew it is not good for man to be alone. I know only too well the context is of a life long partner, as having been here in the capital city away from Tress for 4 months now, I really know God really knew what He was talking about. It is not at all good for man to be alone. Even on a microscopic perspective such as withing a work day, God is right – again as always. Fellowship, community, being social … we need it. I need it. Being alone is pretty bad…