Aussie Spring

Today is officially the first day of spring. On the way back from Melbourne on Sunday, I noticed the golden wattle – the Green & Gold of Australia – littered on either side of the Hume. It’s shades and hues vary little and as one drives through, the unmistakable change of season lifts its colours, inviting one to look, smell the air and feel the coming of warmer and longer days.

Golden Wattle

It used to get dark by 5pm and when I hit the Yass Valley it would have been pitch dark. On Sunday however, it stayed light till just before 6pm. It made a difference to my mood. It could be I was simply getting used to this routine but the pain of leaving Melbourne on a Sunday arvo has alleviated.

Locals tell me Canberra gets pretty hot and dry in summer. We’d visited kiddo several times in summer in past years so we sort of know what the heat can be like but to have lived here through winter may make a difference to my experience of the warmer months ahead. I’m certainly looking forward to the change.

Yet this morning, as I rode in on the push bike, it was still very cold. The “feels like” read -2.7 degrees and I had to don the usual gears – the beanie under the helmet, coat, scarf, ski gloves etc. Riding home should be better though.

My lunch walk yesterday proved the Golden Wattle has well and truly welcome spring. I couldn’t resist taking the photos. I’m with the Green & Gold – I very much welcome spring and the warmer days ahead.