Mish Mash, Bersih 4

The weekend started in an unpleasant way, as Hawthorn struggled and then lost to Port Adelaide. The final Test match at The Oval in London went well however so I guess that was a bit of a salve.

On Saturday Kiddo had a whole day writing pilgrim of sorts in a friend’s place at Hackett, a few suburbs away from our Turner home. So she was up early (earlier) and after she left home I read a little bit, then went for a slow longish run. I trekked up Marcus Clarke Street, headed to Constitution Avenue and did a lake circuit of sorts by going on the Kings Avenue bridge to get back towards Marcus Clarke Street, to head home. After a long shower and laundry I went for a sticky beak again in Forde and looked at a property there before heading to Belconnen for some grocery shopping and lunch. Back at Turner, I spoke to Tress on the phone for a bit before heading back to Lake Burley Griffin – spurred on by an unusually balmy day  – for a casual bike ride.

I toggled between the very exciting St Kilda v Geelong game (ended in a draw) and the Oval Test (Michael Clarke’s final test) that night before Kiddo came back home. She headed for bed soon after, saying Sunday would be a repeat of sorts for a writing extravaganza. I too went to bed when The Test rested for lunch.

Sunday morning I offered to drop Kiddo off at her friend’s, she made brekky and after dropping her off I went home, got ready for church and after church headed to Fyshwick Markets. I had a very nice pho there, bought some fresh foods and went back home. Later I went to the Mitchell Resource Management Centre to drop off the old printer and an old radio, then went back home and cooked dinner for Kiddo and Mic.

Through the weekend, I received a stream of messages (on WhatsApp) on the coming Bersih rally (Bersih 4) in KL. It looks like this would attract massive grassroots support and the turnout is likely to be huge. It is potentially a monster rally and I hope people stay safe, especially family and friends who have decided – like so many Malaysians – to show support and demonstrate against a Malaysian government that has continued to plumb new depths. Tress and I are planning to attend the Melbourne version in Federation Square. I hope we lend our small voice in some ways.