Connect Grow Serve. Should have been that simple.

It was a very cold day yesterday. At lunchtime, it snowed and the office got excited as everyone headed to the closest window to catch the scene. It was still hovering around 0 deg when I quickly headed home just after 5, to avoid the predicted rain/thunderstorm.

There was the second of three “Connect” meetings at Crossroads Church last night so cold as it was, I headed to the church office where the meeting was to be held. The simple notions of connect, growth and serve and growing followers of Jesus were reiterated and I wondered again, why I had done practically nothing in recent years, in terms of sharing the gospel with others. I left the meeting wondering what I had to do.

The frog lurking in my throat got busy last night and in trying to keep it at bay, I kept drinking loads of water so it was a busy night with not very good sleep. It felt a touch better after I did some exercises this morning but it was/is still lurking. Leigh the big boss here, had been sick and a few others have been fighting the bug so I’ve been cautious about not catching anything myself, Hopefully the frog/bug stays away.