Old friend visiting

I was at a workshop at the National Convention Centre yesterday. I rode in, and parked right outside on Constitution Avenue. It was the only bike there the whole day. The day is inching longer now and when I was riding home there was still light.

Later that night I caught up with a mate who was in town for meetings. I met him at the Rydges where he was staying and went to a joint nearby, known as Bambusa – a Chinese/Malaysian restaurant which was very nice. I had looked up places to go and it was either Bambusa or Abell’s Kopi Tiam. Bambusa won the day simply because I wanted a place where we could actually have a conversation and catch up.

After dinner I took him somewhere to pick up a couple of staples down at my local IGA after which we stopped by the apartment and he caught up with Kiddo and Mic.

After dropping him off back at his hotel I headed home and found it hard to go to sleep, having finished the biggish meal just on 8pm.

It was good catching up with Jason again.