Crossroads Small Groups

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I went to the Crossroads church “Connect” meeting last night, at the church office in Lyneham. It’s just in the same shops area as Tilley’s and I could have just walked there from work. It had rained in the morning however so I had driven in to work, so I decided to drive home – I fixed brekky for the next day, got some dinner, before heading to that meeting. Canberra’s great that way – so effortless to get from A to B.

That meeting brought back memories of my experience in University Church in UNSW all those years ago. The flavour of teaching, the phrases used – they were like old furniture. I could get comfortable. In fact the phrase “Copernican Revolution” – a phrase I first heard nearly 30 years ago at a Campus Bible Study conducted by Phillip Jensen, really brought home a lot of things for me. It made me stop thinking about myself. This was reinforced last night and thinking back now, I think it’s a terrific thread to throw into a small/home group introductory meeting. Sure, it’s the DNA of Crossroads in any event but to use that as a handle for home group aspirants, should really remove any doubt about what to expect if one joins one of these groups.

The meeting ended in good time (just a bit after 9pm), and I was home around 9.20. Terrific. Back home, I was again so very appreciative of a very clean apartment. I had said to Tress when fixing my brekky earlier, that it felt terrific and I’m so grateful Kiddo did such a great job cleaning the place. The little yellow stick-it note I had put up before I left for the meeting was still there – they must have been out on a long night. Another of Crossroad’s small group, perhaps…which makes me feel great.