A find

I was at a lovely joint last night in Lyneham, as the crow flies from my office. It’s Tilley’s and it is a rustic place, a bit of a throwback to yesteryear.

The furniture – especially in the booths (yes booths) – were aged and unadorned. The little tables near the stage evoked scenes of 60’s cabaret clubs characters like gangsters from “Goodfellas” would have frequented.

The stage seats an old piano and I was told live bands sometimes play there on that stage.

The bar – with good inventory including lovely Pinot Noir selections – stretches across one half of the hall, with high ceiling throughout. It all made for a lovely and likeable experience.

Tilley’s is apparently an institution in Canberra.

That it has lasted so long means it is probably making money, which is fundamental of course. No enterprise can run at a loss  over a period of time, no matter how lovely the experience it provides.

Further cause for its longevity and (therefore?) profitability can be seen in the crowd. For a Tuesday night the place was bustling and with mixed demographics too – groups of adults who look like work colleagues or university study groups as well as couples and young families. So I guess Tilley’s is also a successful enterprise because other than facilitating a welcoming environment it also facilitates engagements across different levels.

The food was nice – not great but not bad either. I guess there are so many compensating factors to elevate ordinary food to a better experience as a whole. Food I guess, is secondary when it allows people to come together, meet and talk and share their lives together in a homely and welcoming manner.

Tilley’s at Lyneham is so close to home (and work), evokes pleasant nostalgia throughout and provides promise of an enduring local. It’s potentially memorable and promises to stay.