Chook Dinner, 6, Quentin T and Mamee Master Chef

I did my back in, sometime last week. I think it was Wednesday morning. I felt a spasm as I was putting the toilet seat back on, and knew immediately that it was gone. For the rest of that day it was very sore and stiff. It has since improved ever so slowly and now, on the sixth day, it is probably about 75% back to its “before” state.

So there has been no runs, push up’s, rides or even walks (until yesterday). On Saturday I was itching to do light walks so I went to the Belconnen fresh foods market and got some stuff for dinner later that night. I did a baked chicken dish and had a good time with Kiddo and Mic over dinner. They also did a magnificent job with the cleaning up so it was a very good day. Unfortunately we finished by watching the very gory Quentin Tarantino classic – Reservoir Dogs – which I thought we then needed to be sanitized somewhat. Though artful and well acted/delivered, the script was littered with obscenities it’s hard to think it’s anything but gratuitous. I guess it portrayed the characters but it was still very difficult to sit through.

I had also – while in Belconnen – dropped into the Mazda dealership in my quest to seek something more attuned to my Hume hikes. The 6 Wagon felt right and this morning the dealer rang with some very interesting numbers so I could be on my way to a change of wheels soon.

Sunday I was in Crossroads again, with Simon Nixey preaching the first sermon of a new series on Ezra/Nehemiah. It was a gloomy day with threats of rain petered with drizzles. I had walked to church and after, I walked to Canberra Centre, did a bit of grocery shopping, and then walked to the Unilodge area and had lunch in a Japanese place. The ramen was good for a wet and cold day but it was no where near as good as the ones I had in Melbourne. Then I walked back home, and did some ironing. I had put away the laundry earlier that morning – I had woken up early to watch the Man Utd/Barcelona friendly game and at half time, decided to keep away the laundry which had been hanging on the dryer frame sine Saturday morning.

Sunday arvo the whole being alone in Canberra thing hit again and later went out for another walk, once the sun started to peak through. I walked to the Canberra Centre again, this time in near freezing conditions. On the way back I picked up some nostalgic snacks – “Mamee” noodle snacks – and headed home to wait for the first night of the Master Chef finals. The funky Jessica Arnott lost out, and Billie McKay will slug it out with Georgia Barnes for the title of Master Chef 2015 tonight. As usual, Tress and I were on Skype through the show and I hope she’d be there again tonight, to check out if Billie. the overwhelming favourite, will take out the title or Georgia will set off hounding,

The trunk shot is used in many Tarantino films...
The trunk shot is used in many Tarantino films, including Reservoir Dogs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

frustrated and angry screams by flustering her way to glory.

Mamee Double-Decker
Mamee Double-Decker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)