Mid Winter

It’s the middle of winter and it has been 8 weeks since I moved to Canberra to start my new role here. It’s cold here. On most morning it’s sub-zero. These past couple of days have been wet as well. Some days I feel staid and as though it’s all a drone like experience – just whirring away with no undulation of note. Kiddo’s away for a camp so I’ve been alone at home the past couple of nights. Thankfully Tress is coming up tonight on a late arvo flight and I’d be picking her up from the airport straight after work. I cant wait to see her again, having spent the last weekend here in Canberra.

Last Sat I spoiled myself by going for a fun test drive of a new car. I drove the Volkswagen Passat Wagon. I’d thought about getting a different car to better cater to the needs which come with frequent Canberra-Melbourne-Canberra drives. A 4 wheel drive SUV is great and fun but when the bulk of my driving is going to be on the Hume with over 1,500km each round trip other factors come into play. I have not made the plunge though – buying a car is always such a painful exercise. Better fuel economy, better handling and safer ride become more important for me under my present circumstances.

The car dealer was in Belconnen so I did some grocery shopping there as well. I had been to the Canberra Region Farmers’ Market at EPIC with kiddo earlier in the morning too so that’s all the week’s grocery all sorted out, and more.

Sunday was very cold again, and wet too. So I drove to church instead of the usual ride. Marcus touched on gay marriage. Graciously oppose is his mantra. AS I’ve read from numerous sources anyway, the institution of marriage in Australia has been dramatically changed since Lionel Murphy changed/amended the marriage act and turned marriage from what was intended to be a permanent covenant into a temporary contract, where parties can walk away when that contract no longer suits. Guys like Scrutton had also written on this so Marcus’ talk wasn’t so revolutionary. It wasn’t designed to be in any event.

I went back after church, put away the washing, did some ironing, cooked lunch and then went for a walk – first to Canberra Center and then to a pub to watch the Hawks v Port Adelaide game. PJ O’Reilly’s was closed on Sundays so I went further down the street to a joint called Hellenic Club. There were more people there than my last game at PJ’s. The sound however wasn’t turned on. Instead some dub-dub music was playing away which was annoying but Since Hawks were annihilating Port, and most of the viewers were (surprisingly) Hawks fans, it made for a much better atmosphere than at PJ’s.

I’m now looking forward to Tress visiting, and then our drive back to Melbourne together – probably on Friday night. It’s the middle of winter and I no longer wish for an exit from this roundabout. I don’t know what to make of that.