I had a strange night last night. I went to bed relatively early – just after 9.30. I then woke at 3.30 and did not go to sleep again till nearly 5. I had strange dreams, which I cannot recall when I woke. I only remember a lady coming into my office to say my boss is going to counter offer. I was excited at that prospect. I must have been thinking about Melbourne opportunities (ie Aus Post) a bit too much during the day in recent days. That lady didn’t look like anyone in this office. Then a group of us were gathered around someone’s table looking at a computer screen when someone tapped my on the shoulder saying my boss was looking for me. Then there was a restaurant scene where I was about to leave when I saw my brother seated on another table. We talked but I can’t remember what about.

I wondered about those dreams which made me wake in the middle of the night.

It’s a cold morning again with a “feels like” temperature of -6.8 degrees. I was glad I picked up a pair of thick skiing/riding gloves over the weekend from the cheap $2 shop. It made the ride in to office less painful for my fingers.