New ($) Year

The sub-zero morning (-1 degrees, “feels like” -3 degrees) was causing a creeping discomfort to me fingers as I rode in this morning. The fog made it even more fun. “Pea soup”? Not quite the same hue but visibility was about 50m. Still, it took only a few minutes to ride in. Similarly, the conference at Barton yesterday took only a 15 minute cab ride to get there and had I chosen to ride, it would not have taken me much longer.

It’s a new financial year. I’ve been here for just over 6 weeks. I was at another conference yesterday and so did not come into the office. This morning I got in a touch earlier and out of the 14 emails in the in-box, only 3 were substantive work related and I’ve only got one meeting invite for today. So work wise things are very comfy for now.

Yet I’m still pining for a role back in Melbourne. Whether that happens is something I have little control over at this stage.

Waiting on the Lord is an ongoing wonder…

Update: Was just having lunch and catching up on news and saw this on the foggy and cold Canberra mornings: