Run, Climb, Ride and wondering about the roundabout

It was my third consecutive weekend here in Canberra. I’m missing Melbourne, particularly Tress and LBJ, the little four legged furry ball.

On Saturday morning it was cold and foggy and I had planned to go for a long slow run. It was foggy when I wanted to go out and so waited for a little while. It stayed that way an hour later so I thought I’d just go. I went up Marcus Clarke way, thinking of going past Commonwealth Avenue across the lake but somehow kept taking wrong turns. I finally found my way there, and headed towards the National Library. The way back is more straight forward although it was still a bit of a loopy route. Google Map had said the run would be about just under 8km but the Runkeeper App I had on said it was just over 10km. The wrong turns and loop-arounds must have added those 2+ km.

Back home and after shower and laundry, Kiddo and I went The Front cafe in Lyneham for an early lunch. That place was teeming, and the eclectic hipster look and feel took me a while to settle into. Kiddo and I caught up with what her Sydney trip was like and it was good just spending a little bit of time over a nice lunch and just talk.

Later that arvo I went to the Civic on my push bike, got my SIM card swapped to fit into an iPhone 5 I had picked up from Gumtree to replace my iPhone 4, which was starting to require 3-4 charges per day and going dead once in the 35% battery zone… That done, I headed to PJ O’Reilly’s to watch the Hawks v Bombers game. Tress later texted to say the game wasnt on TV so it must have been a Foxtel only game, which is just as well for me at that pub. There were only 2-3 other people though so it felt strange to be watching a biggish AFL game in a pub with that level of atmosphere.

That night Kiddo went to Micaiah’s home for a family birthday party and I did a soup at home before settling down for more House of Cards episodes.

Sunday – I was at Crossroads again but Marcus Reeves wasn’t preaching. He was there amongst the congregation though. Simon preached and it was good too. I also met and spoke with a few other people – David who’s with the Crime Commission, John and Robi, an American couple doing work with Defence and Christina a nurse at Calvary Hospital.

Later I headed to Civic again for some grocery shopping, then home for lunch with Kiddo. We had the leftovers Micaiah brought back from the birthday party. The Hainanese Chicken Rice and Chicken Rendang were delicious… After some ironing I headed out, drove to the War Memorial, and walked up Mount Ainslie. The air was crisp and cool, there were lots of people going up and down (many with their dogs) and the sunny day made for a terrific walk in a spot like that. I spent a little bit of time at the top, walked around before coming down and heading home.

Back home it was getting ready for the week again… and it was good to get back to that routine of having Tress on Skype, watching Master Chef, trying to get LBJ to respond to me on Skype… I went to bed early when the show finished, and was on my push bike at -1.5 degree this morning on the way back into the office, when I wondered what the next few days or weeks would look like… whether the roundabout continues…