Cold House of Cards

English: Kevin Spacey, at the HBO post-Emmys p...

Kiddo subscribed to Netflix a few months back. When we moved into our apartment and got the internet in, up and running, we got the chrome cast in too and so we can stream stuff onto that little tv we got for the apartment. It’s still a good 32 inch thing but compared to the 60 inch one in Vicki Street, this looked tiny. It has all the basic bells and whistles though so that’s good enough for us.

With kiddo away and me all alone in the apartment, Netflix has become my close and constant companion each night after work. I’d even continue watching on the ipad when I climbed into bed after watching Master Chef “with Tress”.

The content? House of Cards. What. A. Gem.

I had watched bits and pieces of HoC on Foxtel back then in Vicki but I didn’t watch the whole thing. So I decided to start from scratch, put up with watching stuff (episodes/parts) I had watched before, just so the narrative flows.

And so I started watching Season 1, Episode 1 of House of Cards on Netflix, on Monday night. Last night, just the second night, I’m on Episode 7. I skipped ABC’s “The Killing Season“. Kevin Rudd labeling Gillard a liar and Gillard’s description of Rudd’s bastardry – based on real life it may have been – are no match for the Machiavellian mechanisms of Congressman Francis (Frank) Underwood. Or the cold, calculated outcome based ambitions of Mrs Underwood. I can’t imagine anyone more suited to the roles of Mr and Mrs Underwood than Kevin Spacey and Robyn Wright. I’m hooked, and would in these remainder cold Canberra nights, move around under the shadows of the house of cards.

I think I only went to sleep close to 12am last night. May be it’s the coffee I had while at the conference at the Australian Government Solicitor’s office at Barton yesterday arvo. Something had to accompany the banana cake on serve and the Nespresso machine was sitting majestically in a corner so I gave in. That was around 3.15pm – way past my coffee curfew hour. Maybe it’s the sheer adrenaline rushing through my veins as I wallow in the Underwoods’ machinations.

Either way, it kept me occupied and distracted when all alone on a cold Canberra night.