The cold and hopes of home

It was -0.2 degree this morning when I was riding in. It “felt like” -2.6 degrees however. Every single one of my fingers felt like -2.6. Some of them were threatening to leave me, i.e fall off. I had knitted gloves on and I don’t think most of my fingers liked them. They might go on strike soon and demand leather ones.

As cold as it was – especially when riding on the bike – it was refreshing. It felt good, if you don’t take into account sore finger tips.

I have a course this arvo across town and I’m not sure if I should ride. It’s about 25 minutes if I do. I had asked for cab charges yesterday and I’d probably use them to go and return to the office after, and get on my bike to ride home then.

It felt a bit weird last night, being at home all alone. Kiddo’s away to Sydney and Tress had returned to Melbourne earlier in the morning. Thank God for Skype yet again because I was soon “with Tress” again, as we watched Master Chef, having prepared my brekky and lunch earlier. I had left the office late but everything was done quickly and it was good to settle down for a restful night.

I’m still pegging my wishes/hopes on a Melbourne role soon. In as much as things are beginning to settle down here in Canberra and I’m enjoying the work and lifestyle, the issue of being away from home and Tress continues to bug me. She enjoyed coming up to Canberra the last weekend so that’s a plus but the recent pokes from Melbourne have caused me to crane my neck to have a peek across the borders somewhat, and have my hopes stirred.

Maybe it’s just to be savored – this opportunity to live and work in a big country town like Canberra while still having my home in Melbourne, a city I have come to love.