Company in the roundabout

I drove in to work for the first time this morning. I had sent Tress to the airport earlier and a week earlier over an office morning tea some people mentioned a car park on the north side of the building which is available for anyone without charge and free spaces are usually available if one gets in reasonably early. As I had dropped Tress of just before 7.30, I got in just before 7.45 and so there were plenty of space. Getting around Canberra is quick and easy. Of course, the size of both the population and geographical spread makes it all possible. The cold -5 degree morning also provide an incentive to just drive straight in instead of going home and then walking or riding in.

I had left a conference just before 5 last Friday, went home, changed and then went to the airport to pick her up. She’d be spending the whole weekend here in Canberra and for we’d be celebrating our wedding anniversary in the nation’s capital for the first time. We left the airport and headed straight to Dickson to meet Kiddo and Micaiah for dinner. Later that night we watched a horror movie on Netflix (“The Conjuring“), scaring the daylights out of ourselves.

On Saturday we went to the farmers’ market (Canberra Region Farmers Market), then visited the National Arboretum, had dinner in the city and then headed home to play cards.

On Sunday, Kiddo left home just after brekky to head for Sydney with Micaiah for a week. She’d be in a conference from Sunday to Wednesday and then spend a couple of days after just sightseeing I guess. Tress and I did some housekeeping work (laundry, cleaning and vacuuming etc) and then went to Belconnen for some grocery shopping before going to Kingston for lunch and then headed to Mount Ainslie to catch the view until sunset. It was then Master Chef viewing at home before we retired for the night.

We left home around 7.15 this morning and right now, in between getting some work done incorporating a new policy into our key business process and preparing an in house training session later this week, I’m thinking about the weekend Tress and I just had and wondering what lies ahead. Would she do more of this (now that she’s enjoyed the weekend) or would I continue to visit Melbourne with long drives home? Or would work opportunities turn up in Melbourne?

Having Tress with me on the ride in the roundabout has momentarily taken my mind off the exit points. Those were very good moments.