Soaking it in

As I work, walk home, watch the ABC, wake and walk – wade – to work again, I feel I am almost soaking it all in.

After the obligatory Master Chef viewing last night, I continued watching telly. The ABC had the second episode of “The Killing Season” on last night and Kiddo said it’s like watching a train wreck. She’s right. It’s ugly but one stays on to watch the carnage anyway. I have a better sense now of how some of the mandarins may think and speak and when some of them were interviewed last night, I sort of better get what they were on about. Still, the ALP’s faceless men and Shorten did come out looking very bad. Gillard looked the worse of the two disastrous PM’s under Labor in that time. I finished the whole thing, would you believe…

In bed, I resumed watching Ben Carson‘s clips for another half an hour or so before going to sleep.

This morning it poured again. In fact it was bucketing down just as I was about to leave home. I was again grateful for my “waterproof” shoes which kept my feet dry but I did have to hop around puddles quite a bit.

I guess all this “soaking it in” – literally as well as metaphorically absorbing life in a remote, almost detached capital city – did take my mind of what may be happening in Melbourne as far as prospects are concerned. It’s almost I’m happy – for now – to soak in being in the roundabout.