Wet Canberra morning – a bit like Melbourne

I’m still in the roundabout, with yet another exit thrown in. Again, this was a lead which came up a couple of months before. I had applied for a role in Unisuper but the process sort of got foggy. I later heard from the grapevine that a nebulous reorganisation was underway and the whole thing fizzled out. Yesterday a HR manager rang to ask if I was still interested in the role. I updated her of my current scenario and she later sent me the position description. It looked very similar to what I was doing at SP so I emailed her to say I was interested.

In spite of how things appear to be going relatively well here, I’m constantly reminded it is only a one year contract role. When I negotiated the offer, my manager had leaned on a 9 month contract as my predecessor had left in February this year. I said I’d be keen only if it was a 12 month contract and he alluded to the possibility of having 2 persons doing the job for the overlapping 3 months and so a 12 month contract it was. This suggests as things stand, the likelihood of an extended role is slim and it is more likely the previous lawyer would return in February next year and my role would finish by May that year, as set out in my offer letter.

All this meant I have become very interested in the AP and Unisuper leads and in spite of my sentiments for NBA and Canberra generally I’d have to seriously give those options a go.

I don’t know how this stacks up from the perspective of my relationship with the Lord, and what His plans are for me in all this. Maybe there aren’t specific reasons/causes for all this. Maybe they’re just hoops He has allowed to be put in my path for one reason or another. The waiting and trusting exercise continues I guess. I’m just grateful the waiting and trusting can happen in a different context, namely, while I’m employed and able to spend time with Kiddo again – getting to know her life in Canberra better, and getting to know her friend too especially Micaiah.

It was very wet this morning and I decided to walk to work. I’m grateful for the umpteenth time for my “waterproof” walking shoes. I first got them 4-5 years ago mainly to walk LBJ when it’s winter and wet in Melbourne. People often say Canberra is  nowhere near as wet as Melbourne but I guess rain does appear in a city where many have lived for so long and this morning I felt the full force of a wet Canberra morning. I got in with dry feet though thanks to those shoes. Where those dry feet will take their next steps in days/weeks to come would be very interesting. For now, they remain on the roundabout.