Roos and Cockies

It was the kangaroos in the morning and cockies ducks and pelicans in the arvo.

I took a walk during lunch and wandered to the Lyneham Dickson Wetlands with a very pleasant surprise. It was to say the least, quite different to the Lonsdale St/Exhibition St/Russell Sr/Bourke St walks during my Superpartners days.  I can get used to this – provided it isnt too cold…

One can see the telecoms tower on Black Mountain from the wetlands park…


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Roos on the run

I braved the cold this morning (0 – or 1 – degree) and went for a run and was rewarded with the sight of four kangaroos in the area just behind the Burton and Garran Hall. They hopped across the road towards Black Mountain as I approached. Magical.