Roos and Cockies

It was the kangaroos in the morning and cockies ducks and pelicans in the arvo.

I took a walk during lunch and wandered to the Lyneham Dickson Wetlands with a very pleasant surprise. It was to say the least, quite different to the Lonsdale St/Exhibition St/Russell Sr/Bourke St walks during my Superpartners days.  I can get used to this – provided it isnt too cold…

One can see the telecoms tower on Black Mountain from the wetlands park…


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Roos on the run

I braved the cold this morning (0 – or 1 – degree) and went for a run and was rewarded with the sight of four kangaroos in the area just behind the Burton and Garran Hall. They hopped across the road towards Black Mountain as I approached. Magical.

New chapter

Life certainly dishes out interesting twists and turns. I now write this out of an apartment I share with Kiddo in Canberra. I have taken up a job in Canberra, with the National Blood Authority. I started last week and have been making acquaintance with the Hume Highway and the A25 (Barton Highway).

I came up last Monday, started work on Wed, and went back to Melbourne last Friday night to spend a truncated weekend with Tress. I left Melbourne on Sunday just after lunch at Madam K’s with Tress and arrived back at the apartment in Canberra just on 7.30.

I’m now in the apartment, having finished a day’s interesting work at the NBA. Kiddo’s cooking dinner at this moment, for her study group friends. As the smell of dinner waft through the apartment and conversations weave their way through the aroma of a spicy pumpkin soup, I wonder what else life’s interesting twists and turns will unveil.

I long to get on skype with Tress soon, with the internet up and running at the apartment as of about 2 hours ago…