Pilgrim on

It’s Day 4 since I started coming to the State Library. I have a new routine now. I get into the gym by about 7am, leave between 9.30 and 9.40am, head into the State Library and stay here till maybe noon. Once I get myself a PC, I check emails, job searched and then check out some news.

My routing only covers am. Pm is uncharted territory for now. Yesterday I headed to the Whitehorse library, job searched some more and got a few DVD’s. Actually the only regular activity for pm is to give the furry black ball a good long walk. I think he enjoys it…

In the bank sits a deposit from my employer, representing the equivalent of 5 months’ pay. It feels empty though. It isn’t how much is in the bank, as much as what is being generated. Presently it is zero. The expenses however, keep running. I try to minimise it but one has to live.

I guess the plan needs some adherence. The plan to keep searching for a few more weeks before looking at other sorts of roles.