Big Grey

It couldn’t have been a more ordinary weekend. It couldn’t have been a better weekend, in terms of sheer relaxation.

We watched a movie over itunes on Friday night. “A Hundred Foot Journey” is a light, warm hearted tale of an Indian family who moved to Europe following a riot of sorts in India which took the life of the wife/mother, who had been guiding her son in his budding culinary skills.

We slept in on Sat morning, then went to check out a café on Jolimont Road and had a very good breakfast there. Then it was home for several hours of gardening and bathing LBJ. The work was all done by about 2.30pm then it was some grocery shopping and then off to Alex’s for dinner. There was no one else at the dinner, which was a bit unusual but it also gave us an opportunity to talk and catch up, which was really good. Equally good was a very delectable Japanese whisky, which between the 2 of us we nearly finished.

On Sunday after church we went to Madam Kwong’s and then it was home, where we just idled away a couple of hours. Some ironing, a bit more shopping for the week’s breakfast smoothies, walking LBJ on a sunny cool arvo… it was all so relaxing.

And yet constantly the thoughts are around the impending redundancy and the outcome of that job interview last week both of which would impact a decision to visit mum in Malaysia and catch up a long overdue catch up with Mei and her kids. Yue Jie would probably be about 6 now – we haven’t seen that boy for nearly 5 years.

This morning the team again talked about whether this would be the final week for us, and the futility of weekly group meetings. All I want to do now is book a couple of tickets for Tress and I to go visit Malaysia, and spend time with my mum, my sisters and their kids and the rest of the family. I can/want to do that only with a bit more certainty of the future.

On Sunday Ginny the pastor’s wife, said she had this picture of someone with a big grey in front. I thought that is kind of like me. A bit more certainty would be good but I guess the best certainty is knowing we have a God who cares.