Time passing, activities resuming

A month’s gone – we’re into the second month of the “new” year now. A little while ago, I heard someone say if we feel time passing more quickly each year, it’s because we are getting old. So I must be feeling old.

It’s strange because I should be feeling the opposite, given how little is going on at work. This morning’s weekly team capacity meeting continues the ongoing whistle-past-the-grave tone, as the lawyers tried to be self deprecating and laugh at our going home early days. The boss then decided to send a couple of emails to the team. The first one is to line up a “late duty” roll, just to be sure at least a lawyer is around till 5pm every day. The other is to tell us he has asked the new big boss for a core doc. That could be a trigger of sorts I guess. We’ll have to wait and see.

After that I sneaked off to the team room for an early lunch. To my surprise it was full – people had gathered to watch the Superbowl. Apparently there are Aussies who follow American football.

The weekend has been a big one for sports. On Saturday it was the Asian football final, where we worked hard, persisted and beat the South Koreans to take the title as Asian champions. It had been a lazy sort of day, when we slept in, and did very little. The weather didn’t help – it has been a damp squib of a summer so far, which overcast, rainy, cool days for the most part. Tress had a lousy Fri at work and we had met up at Enrik’s for a quick dinner and lingered away Friday night, so sleeping in and just lazying around felt like the thing to do. We went to the local Masters’ store at Box Hill South to look at lemon trees but they didn’t look too flash so there wasn’t any gardening type of activities either.

Yesterday at church it was very full, despite the wet rainy morning. Brollies lined the entrance of the building and there were less shorts seen. After the service we chatted with a couple of people and one of them talked to us about a rotating dinner that would be taking place in March. So for the rest of the day we played with different thoughts about what we could do – menus for any one of starters, mains or desserts ran through our minds.

Later in the night, as we watched the tennis men’s finals we had emails from our home group leader asking if meetings could resume this week. February is here. Activities are resuming their normal cycles. The wheels turn again, and I sincerely hope I head somewhere positive soon.