Fuzzy future

We went up to Canberra over the weekend. It was the Australia Day weekend but that wasn’t why we made the trip. We trekked up to help kiddo move into her new lodgings in Braddon, as she prepares to start her final year in her undergraduate studies. Her new arrangements appear very satisfactory – costs aside – as it is reasonably close to the uni and shops and the landlord appears to be a steady Eddie, homely kind of a guy (CPA in Defence Dept.).

Tress and I stayed in a B&B in Aranda, a suburb about 10-15mins away, just backing into Canberra Nature Park. The little fellow moseyed around the property for the most part and appeared to be missing kiddo’s company. We made several trips between Aranda and Braddon, soaking up the atmosphere generated by Australia Day celebrations on Monday morning, before leaving just before 1pm.

We got home just a bit before 7.30, having only made 2 quick stops for toilet and petrol. The little fellow made a dash to the side lawn when I let him into the house, and then went into kiddo’s room and lied down on the floor. He looked like he was missing something.

Often the circle of life feels like a wheel of a moving vehicle of some sort. Sometimes however it feels like that vehicle is either stationary or itself moves in circles. Right at this moment, the future isn’t something I’m terribly excited about. In more sense than one.