Journey on

My office pod is often referred to as the fishbowl. It houses the procurement (sourcing), vendor management, client services and legal teams. At its peak it housed about 20 people. Now though, there’re about a dozen.

Earlier this week, someone from the VM team organised a picnic lunch for today. To my surprise, it was enthusiastically received. So we went to the Carlton Gardens, found ourselves a corner, and had our picnic lunch. I had gone to my usual wonton soup place and surprised the lady proprietor by ordering some fried wontons instead. “No soup today?” I had to tell her it was for a “party”. Others brought pizza, fruits, cheeses and of course, grog.

It took the rawness of the day. The rawness which came about when the increasingly clear signals of the legal team being on the way out, felt like they were being crystallised after my boss had a talk with the new boss yesterday. It could also happen as soon as next week, or maybe the week after. If anything different pans out, it would be surprise.

Tomorrow however, we head off to Canberra for Kiddo to start the final leg of her undergraduate journey.