Tomorrow will be the last day for the outgoing CFO/Deputy CEO of my employer. He interviewed me (second interview) for the job, just under 3 years ago. His EA was just speaking with us earlier this arvo. She is one of the nicer EA’s around so we appreciated her coming down to have a chat with us. She was just going into the office of the strategy head in the room next door to us, to look at what he’s got left behind in the office, having suddenly been made redundant yesterday.

With all the goings and the talks about the future of the legal team being anything but positive, the pervasive sentiments of the team remain that of whistling past the graveyard.

As there is not much going on for now, I’d spent the last hour or so cleaning up my desk. Threw out old conference materials, team building stuff, this and that – it would speed up an exit process if it comes down to that. The lawyers in the team have also chatted about scanning our CPD conferences and storing them on the Google drive, in case we get audited by the legal services board. So the mood has been that sort.

I think I’d leave even earlier today – 4pm maybe…