Shops, Scans and Canvass

I left the office early again last Friday, to pick up the car which I had dropped off for service in the morning. We had a barbie dinner at home, and pretty much stayed in the whole night. The next day we took the train into the city and went to the market in South Melbourne. We did the usual thing – wandered around, ate some oysters a la natural, bought some cheeses, wines, fruits etc. We bumped into Uncle Marloney and Auntie Hooi there too. Later we went to Myer and I picked up a pair of jeans and a suit. We then headed home, walked the jedi and settled down to play cards for the entire night.

Yesterday arvo after church and lunch at Madam K, we spent a bit of time walking the little jedi again. It was however a beautifully sunny and cool afternoon and the walk was terrific. We came home and played cards some more. Kiddo had also given me some document to be scanned in the office. There were far too many pages to be done on our home scanner. As I did them this morning, I read a few pieces and rediscovered how well Kiddo did in school. It’s a reminder to me how much she has grown and how smart she has become. It is a message to me: I need to listen to her more and more because there is so much I can learn from her. I’m so proud of her.

As I started the week this morning and with my boss returning after his summer holidays, the weekly Monday morning team meeting served only to confirm the uncertainty facing yours truly and other members of the legal team. On the bright side (yes, trying) it may be a case of being presented with a blank canvass for me/us to paint the picture I/we want. Ah well, one can only try…