Back from summer break, into uncertainty

We went away to the coasts from 2-9 Jan. Port Albert is a bit at the top of Wilson’s Prom, almost at the start of the 99 mile beach. Tress and I had passed there a few years ago, having originally booked to stay a night. We decided against staying and drove home instead, en route from a NSW/Vic coast road trip back from Canberra. Somehow we decided to go there again and the quiet, almost deserted, atmosphere was quite fun and of course, relaxing. We were there for 3 nights, came back home for a night and then pushed off in the opposite direction, and headed to Portland. Portland is much bigger than PA but just as relaxing and fun. I did however, come back with dozens of insect bites which remain red and itchy.

This morning I came into the office to be greeted with emails from the big boss with a departmental meeting invite. She would be leaving by Easter. At mid day, an email from the new CEO announced further but not unexpected changes. The rumour mills have made their rounds and that email merely confirmed what we have heard for a few weeks now. What remains shrouded for now, is the fate of the those lower down the chains, such as yours truly.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been around these traps before, or maybe we’ve mentioned and laughed over this so often now, but somehow the specter of  being made redundant as I await my 50th birthday, has been less jolting than it should have been. I must admit the thought (and fear) has been lingering in my head – never leaving for more than a couple of hours – but it hasn’t gotten hold of me as much as the thought of being unemployed used to. I kind of hope this is proof that I do learn and I am now trusting God more but the test is yet to come though. If the decision is made and delivered and it is not the outcome I had wanted, I wonder how I would react. God provides, yes. I just hope he would do so by allowing me to either keep my job, or find a new one soon.

Happy 2015? I guess…