Christmas, year’s balance sheet

Christmas Eve

I knocked off work early. Really early. Like 11.00am early. I guess that’s reflective of the mood of the workplace – as in no idea what would happen in 2015 – especially for the legal team.

I got home and after lunch with kiddo, went home and made a seafood salad (smoked trout and prawns) for the dinner at Hipo’s that night. Jason and family (together with Brendon, Sammi’s BF), Tim and Kenji and a few of the Hipo’s church friends were there. We left around 10pm and headed to church for the Christmas Eve service.

The church was jam packed and though we arrived a couple of minutes before the start time of 10.30pm, we could only find seats at the foyer. The focus on readings from the scriptures and proper carols was terrific. It ended just after modnoght

Christmas Day

We were at church again for the morning service and Peter was surprised to see us again. He had administered the communion at the foyer for the Eve service and so saw us there.

After church we came home and prepared for dinner. We had a quick lunch too…

For dinner we had Jason and family over, as well Steven and family. The number (14) was just right for a little house like ours and it was a good night of just catching up with those folks. We finished up just before midnight.

Boxing Day

We trotted off to MCG, leaving for Blackburn Station on 9.15am. The trains were packed, and early reports of a big crowd for the test are proving accurate. We got to the G just after 10, and settled down to a great day of cricket, in a wonderful atmosphere. Kiddo and Tress were with me for the first time and I recalled the first Boxing Day test I attended way back in 2005 when South Africa visited and I was at the G by myself, with Tress and Kiddo in Malaysia.

At the lunch break Kiddo led us to a cafe just on Wellington Road.

To my surprise, my ladies decided to stay for the entire day and we only left just before 6pm. For dinner we had leftovers from the Christmas Day dinner.


I made another seafood salad and we went to the Tim Neville arboretum to catch up with old uni friends. Ing Tung and Chin Moi had worked hard organising the whole thing and it was wonderful catching up with them and William and Jackie (visiting from Malaysia) with their 2 daughters. The Ruhls, Chews and Chui Boon and Patsie were also there (hubby too for a short while). The conversations were good, the food just as good and it was a great afternoon.


After church and lunch at a different joint (Madam K was closed) we tried shopping at Doncaster Westfield but couldn’t get a car park so we headed to Forest Hill Chase instead. Kiddo picked up some clothes, I bagged a pair of shoes for work, and got some other stuff.

As I typed this, my mind is working hard to focus on our getaway this weekend to Port Albert and thereafter to Portland. I’m trying not to think about what 2015 would bring work wise. Bigger events have taken place. Another plane had gone missing (Air Asia flight from Surabaya to Singapore) which really made me think we did the right thing to just travel locally this summer. 2014 has been so traumatic for so many. I have sort of withdrawn and tried not to think too much about anything else other than warm positive experiences I can avail myself to. Maybe that’s a coping mechanism. Maybe it it weary to keep reading and viewing bad stuff happening all around, almost on a daily basis. MH 370 and 17, Lindt Cafe siege, Phillip Hughes, Syria, killings in Afghanistan, Taliban killings of children in Peshawar, Russians muscling, North Korean cyber attacking the US, Americans wilting under Obama, the Coalition government fumbling through a mixed up upper house and screwing the budget in the process, relationships remaining unmended (Jason/Tham Fuan), my employer being taken over, uncle fought cancer, father in law health becoming fragile, the list goes on…

There’re lots of positives too. Kiddo’s Singapore adventure is complete, Tress and I have settled into St Alf’s, Ruth and Jon are expecting again and moving to Melbourne, making new friends … many more but I need to go eat lunch now. 🙂

I’m just grateful I can still come to work every day, read the Scriptures every day and attend church every week, and stay healthy and enjoy Tress’ wonderful company constantly. The positives have enveloped me well and I can go eat my lunch feeling safe and warm inside…