Encore (?) Farewell…

Encore and farewell. That was Saturday arvo when we went to the theatre for the Les Miserables musical for a second time for Tress and I, but the first for Kiddo. We visited her in Singapore in July this year and worked out that she would not be back in time so the both of us decided to go ourselves. We did this back in September. A few weeks ago however, we worked out she could come back in time for the final day’s performance – last Sat. So we went and gorged ourselves to the sumptuous delivery.

After the performance we headed to a really nice restaurant at the Movida Aqui. Kiddo had bought a gift for my birthday and we had a wonderful meal there, leaving only after more than 2 hours there.

Yesterday after church and Madam K’s we did some grocery shopping, went to a phone shop to get a SIM card changed for Tress’ new iPhone 6 (her Christmas present) and then we went home. It was a very hot day, so we just chilled at home and I fixed her phone updates etc, and waited till it cooled off close to 4pm, before I did a quick mowing of the lawn, then cooked dinner on the barbie.

I took my time this morning at the gym, came in a little later but there was still no one from the team. People have begun taking things easy. When the boss got in, we sat around and just chatted away for a while.

Last Friday the deal was inked and ownership of my employer changed hands. The new owners – Link Group – is a private equity concern. It became apparent from the chat with the boss this morning, that there’s a high chance the legal function would be folded. So we’re likely to be given a redundancy and I’d have to look for work again. I have already started anyway but the climate/market is not getting any better and nearing 50, I’m not exactly the sort of candidate employers would be looking for. I was telling Tress, that I’d be comfortable doing any sort of job. Like driving a bus even.

So the very nice weekend we had may be the last time we blew a small fortune for a very nice show. Job wise – encore hopefully but farewell quite likely.