Phillip Hughes, Cricketer

I had thought by sticking to cooking shows and sporting events, I could avoid the overwhelming volumes of bad news flooding the media. Who would have thought a love key Sheffield Shield cricket match has now resulted in death that has saddened the whole country. Phillip Hughes was struck on the head by a bouncer in a South Australia v NSW match on Tuesday afternoon. He was unconscious, operated on, comatose and yesterday afternoon, passed away. He was 25 years old. He was better known as Phil Hughes but since the accident, his mum had asked that he be called by his full name, which has been honoured.

A healthy, strong and good man building up towards his prime, can be fatally felled by a 160g leather ball. That sounds so disproportionately devastating. But it happened. Life, one is constantly reminded, is fleeting.

That is cause for despair.

So I am very grateful that last night at the home group at the Maurys’ home, Matthew Maury chose to lead a discussion on hope. Hope in the Lord, who He is and what He does. Hope that acknowledges Him. I hope the Phillip Hughes’ passing would cause people to ask the perennial question about the meaning of life, and be pointed towards the creator of life.