History – Can I Redact?

It has been another long week at work. The team has spent the better part of the week reviewing documents in the course of supporting a due diligence exercise to facilitate its own sale to a new owner. On completion of that sale an option eminently open and likely to be adopted by the new owner is to skinny down the workforce, getting rid of people like the legal team. So why on earth have we spent the better part of the week on some form of self-harm – stiff neck and red eyes at the end of each working day – remains one of the stupidity of modern day corporate Australia.

Professional and getting the job done yes, but neither smart nor wise. Increasingly, white collar work entails getting the job done but being really foolish at the end of the process.

Redacting is a term I got used to in my early days of practice, as part of legal teams locked up in data rooms poring over wads of legal documents in due diligence exercises.

This week, I got through a box of black permanent markers, reliving those bad old days of living in data rooms.

As I typed this now on a Friday arvo about 10 minutes before the week is out, there is talk of more redaction with a chance of a wrecked weekend. Knowing my boss, he would palm that off skilfully but who knows. Stupid forces are at work…