Pick Me Up Needed

Standing under the showers in the gym this morning, I was thinking about ways and reasons (excuses) I could avoid getting into the office. The day is unusually cold in any event and staying home would have been unpleasant in some ways. It would have been very nice in many other ways, not least the thought of settling into our new sofa set and watching some old movies.

I had been feeling tired and a bit under the weather, 10 minutes into my run on the treadmill. Such that at the slightest hint of the knee pulling up again, I slowed down to a walking pace. I followed this up by re-programming the session so that it becomes one of a walk on a steep ascent. So the hour yielded only a bit over 6km but I was sweating anyway so I felt I did my (albeit minimal) share of physical workout today.

I manned up and came into the office and after doing some “easier” pieces, gave up the idea of taking the day off sick. Maybe the breakfast fixed that. Perhaps there is something to be said after all, about a breakfast that comprised a health nut’s concoction. Truth be told I did enjoy the cold and refreshing shake. The sweetness from the banana, carrot and tinge of honey with the freshness of the celery hid the wheat germ well. The Greek yoghurt made it all smooth and the milk provided the liquid to carry the whole mix – and made George Foreman’s work easier – and delivered a boost to rid that initial sense of wanting to curl up under a blanket for the day.

Nearly an hour later my boss walked in. We exchanged the usual greetings and 5 minutes later he said he had to go home again as he had forgotten his reading glasses. Some 10 minutes later as 9am drew nearer the team started to trickle in. By the time I started this piece I was ready for our usual coffee run but the team was distracted this morning so I decided to write this instead. The zing from the cocktail had dissipated and I felt like going home again. Strange that, because it was supposed to be a low glycaemic index concoction and it was meant to burn slower. Maybe there was simply too little of it and I needed more. Or maybe it really was time for coffee.

I guess it is going to be one of those days…