Grand Final Week.

Notwithstanding the social norms surrounding the looming “One Day In September“, there’s this to contend with. And so what some term WWIII commenced, with aerial attacks by US and its allies, on the Islamic rogues in Syria and Iraq. Some argue it is necessary military action. Some warn against the danger. Whether inaction is equivalent to appeasement in the days leading up to Nazi Germany’s WWII is something to be seen I guess. The atrocities committed by these Islamic rogues certainly seem to be driven by the same agenda of self aggrandizement albeit based religious instead of racial grounds and the systematically dealing of others unlike the perpetrators.

Then there’s the announcement by the management today, that the company has been sold. The new owners may or may not re-employ everyone, according to an FAQ issued by management. The art of corporate speak – saying nothing with a lot of words – is as infuriating as political talk. What can they do I guess.

Internal and external turmoil and the uncertainties they bring… such is life, so said Ned Kelly…